There are two paths which an SFF Specification can follow in order to become a standard. For the mechanical considerations of an SFF Specification:

  • EIA (Electronic Industries Alliance) accepts proposals that are received from the SFF Committee for standardization for:
    a) Connectors that are used in SFF applications
    b) Dimensions of a disk drive form factor and the relationship to the mounting of the connector
  • Submittals require that each proposal be championed by a member company of EIA.

For the interface considerations of an SFF Specification:

  • ASC (Accredited Standards Committee) NCITS Technical Committee T10 will consider proposals for interface definitions which are perceived as being of de facto usage in popular applications.

The members can vote to Forward a document at any time in the SFF process. If the members choose to Forward a submitted proposal or a specification in Development directly to a standards organization, the vote does not imply the members feel the document is complete, but that it is more in the realm of another activity. However, the SFF Committee is not constrained from preparing an SFF Specification in the event that the standards organization rejects the submittal or changes it substantively.

If the members vote to forward an Approved or Published SFF Specification, the Specification remains available through the SFF Committee until the content is included in a dpANS unless the members vote to Expire it.